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FontaFit Plus

FontaFit Plus
FontaFit Plus

FontaFit plus is an easy-to-use companion app for the smart bracelet FontaFit 155CH from Fontastic® and offers basic functions that record and evaluate your daily activities.


  • The Today view gives you a quick overview of your sporting activities, such as steps, distance, calories, daily goal, as well as sleep, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen.
    You will find further information in the individual sections (steps, sleep, etc.).
  • Route recording: Record your route while hiking, running, or jogging through the app; you'll get a summary of steps you've taken, distance, duration, and calories you've burned.
  • Sleep: Learn more about your sleep with the integrated sleep analysis. The app shows you the duration of light sleep, deep sleep and restless phases.¹
  • Notifications: Receive notifications directly to your smart bracelet. You decide which apps are allowed to forward notifications.
  • Alarms: Let the bracelet wake you up or remind you by vibrating at certain times.
  • Camera: Take photos remotely with your phone using the built-in photo trigger feature in the smart bracelet. This feature is especially useful if you don't have a free hand to press the shutter button. ²
  • Find device: Use this function if you can't find your connected bracelet. The bracelet will vibrate for four seconds.

Note: The app will auto start with your phone. To disable auto start for this app, please refer to our FAQ at our website

¹ Sleep analysis only works if the device is worn while sleeping; it is active from 9:00PM to 08:00AM.
² This function is only available when the app is running in the background.

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