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The Em2Go EV charging station allows you to charge your electric vehicle safely and quickly. Simply connect the type 2 plug ofthe 6 metre cable to your electric vehicle and the vehicle will be charged with a full 22 kW power. The built-in load control allows youto adjust the output current by limiti..
 Portable EV-Charger With the mobile Em2Go EV charging unit you can safely charge your electric vehicle at any Schuko socket. Simply plug the AC plug of the charger unit into a suitable Schuko socket, connect the type 2 plug of the unit to your electric vehicle and the vehicle will be charged..
Storage and transport bag for EV charger cable The robust bag made of nylon fabric is water and dirt repellent. Itis easy to clean and grease and dirt can be removed with a damp cloth. The bag has a double carrying handle and a double zipperfor easy access. It is also possible to lock the bag with a..
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