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Powerbank "Loru" 10.000mAhwith LED LampThe 10000mAh Power Bank packs a big capacity into a compact, mobile, high quality package. Charge your devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops wherever you are. The outer case is carbon fi bre coated which not only looks good, but also provides a good grip..
Fast Charge Power Bank Tabit 10000 mAhThe power bank Tabit is not only convincing in with its compact, ergonomic design with soft-touch finish, but also with its outstanding technical features. The power bank with a 10.000 mAh polymer battery ensures that devices with a USB charging port can be rech..
Solar Powerbank Ksora 8.0The Powerbank “Ksora 8.0” is the ideal companion for hiking,camping and all other outdoor activities. The Powerbank issplashproof and features an integrated LED torch, a compass and a powerful 8,000mAh Li-Polymer battery whichallows devices that can be charged via a 5V USB c..
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